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Made in USA

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CB's Hawg Sauce is not only for fresh water fishing!
 Read what these folks have been catching in saltwater using my product's.


I started using CB's Hawg Sauce this past fall for SM Bass in the local streams and was happy to find that it increased my hook up ratio.

Every January I beat the fishing withdraws by going on an offshore winter trip for Giant Sea Bass. This year we fished off on South Jersey about 60 miles out in almost 300 feet of water. One of my buddies brought a tube of the CB's Hawg Sauce Gel for me and I threw it in my tackle box at the start of the trip. About 4 hours into the day the bite slowed down and I saw the CB Gel sitting there so I took a little an covered my teasers with the sweet, sweet sauce. Dropped the line in and BAM, largest fish of the day

I was impressed that even at that depth and in salt water the CB's Hawg Sauce Gel stayed on my teasers drop after drop and fish after fish. I have a new secret weapon and will not go fishing, whether for bass in the local stream or 60 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean without my CB's Hawg Sauce.

David Bargeron
Sellersville, PA
Slaughter Beach, DE


CB's Hawg Sauce
Works for saltwater bass too!

I have been using CB's Hawg Sauce since the summer with great results.
My latest time on the water was a Jan. trip offshore for Sea Bass. Knowing I was going fishing for Sea Bass, I couldn't leave home without some Hawg Sauce to give a buddy and fall back on if needed, even if sea bass is a saltwater fish. A great morning of fishing but, by noon the bite slowed way down and I was getting frustrated catching dogfish. When I tell you that adding Hawg Sauce to the teaser on my rig made a difference, you can't imagine. After adding CB's Gel to my rig, the sea bass were back in action and I soon caught 3 more sea bass, the biggest weighing close to 5 pounds bring my total to 8 sea bass for the day.

CB's Hawg Sauce - Great for any kind of BASS - even Sea Bass!

Mat Wilson

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